Empower Yourself LTD. has been chosen to host the Students to Launch Program

The Students To Launch (S2L) team is excited to announce a new partnership with Empower Yourself Ltd. This program is designed to inspire students from communities across the US to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and goals of spaceflight missions and, in doing so, discover passions that can lead to the possibility of a career in aerospace and astronautics.

Empower Yourself is bringing the Students To Launch program to Brockton, Massachusetts, middle school students on May 20th at Brockton High School, where they will envision themselves in out-of-this world careers as astronauts and engineers.

As part of the day, students will:


  • Interact in hands-on, role-playing NASA-inspired Water Bottle Rocket mission in small teams under the guidance of the program leaders, called Mission Directors. Based on NASA’s Artemis I, students will build and launch their own rocket using a 2-liter water bottle and launch it into the air to study how water volume and pressure affect thrust and altitude.


  • Participate in Postcards to Space. They will create a postcard showcasing their vision for the future of life in space. Blue Origin will fly all postcards on a future New Shepard flight and return them to students stamped “Flown to Space.”
  • Engage with the STEAM education non-profit Aldrin Family Foundation’s Giant Moon Map™.
  • Hear from a guest speaker/subject matter expert (SME) who will share their career journey and experience working in the space industry.

After the S2L Hub event, participating students will be eligible to be selected to attend a multi-day launch center experience in person at the Kennedy Space Center and the KSC Visitor Complex in Florida. This all-expenses-paid trip (including all travel, meals, lodging and programming) gives students the chance to participate in space-related education activities, tours of KSC and KSCVC, meetings with astronauts and other SMEs and, hopefully, the chance to witness a rocket launch in person from special viewing areas at the Kennedy Space Center. A virtual experience will be provided for those who did not attend in person.

About Students To Launch:

Students To Launch (S2L) is a national science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiative that engages underserved, underrepresented students in the challenges, inspiration, and opportunities of spaceflight. S2L partners/stakeholders comprise of NASA, AIAA, Griffin Communications Group, First Light Group and Oregon State University. S2L encourages students to experience the wonders of spaceflight and inspires them to play an active role in a future of infinite possibilities.

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