Summer STEM Programs

Empower Yourself collaborates with Northeastern school of engineering and iRobot to offer an 8 week summer STEM program. Our summer STEM is Elementary-12 


Our students Elementary-middle school learn coding: IROBOT

Students 8th grade-high school learn advance coding and engineering. Our students are taught to use engineering to solve Global problems. 

Lesson plans are below….

The Coral Reef Ecosystem (link)
Students examine a coral reef ecosystem to learn about its living and non-living parts and how they interact. They apply what they have learned to explore the world’s biomes, including how the animals in each are adapted to their environment.

The Art of Science and the Science of Art | Ikumi Kayama (link)

As a scientific illustrator, Ikumi Kayama puts life into her beautiful drawings that we see every day in textbooks and doctor’s offices.

Exploring Environmental Change (link) 

Students explore the connections that can exist in a natural environment, and examine how changes to the environment, particularly those caused by human activity, can affect those connections.

Global Climate Change: Understanding the Greenhouse Effect (link) 

Students study past climate change, explore the effect of greenhouse gases on Earth’s atmosphere today, and consider human impact on global warming.

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Extreme Flooding | Sinking Cities (link)

Students analyze flooding data predictions modeled on rising sea level in this media-rich lesson plan from WNET. Video from the Peril & Promise series Sinking Cities illustrates how two coastal cities, Miami and New York City, are threatened by and trying to adapt to rising sea levels. By the end of the lesson, students will have a basic understanding of the human impact on rising sea levels and human ability to model, predict, and manage current and future impacts. Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan.

My Moon Colony – Activity (link) 
Students are introduced to the futuristic concept of the moon as a place people can inhabit. They brainstorm what people would need to live on the moon and then design a fantastic Moon colony and decide how to power it. Students use the engineering design process, which includes researching various types of energy sources and evaluating which would be best for their moon colonies.

Get Creative with Math! – MIT Full STEAM Ahead (link)
Get creative with math! How can math help you create your own animations and design your own games? Scratch is designed to let you code your own animations, games, and other interactive projects. In the process of creating Scratch projects, you use key math concepts, such as X and Y coordinates to control the position of your characters in an animation and variables to keep track of the score.