Global Economic Symposium

Our Global Economic Symposium is our marquee event. Students from across the country identify a global economic issue and attempt to solve it using realistic economic principles and creative thinking. Through the competition, students learn research and writing skills, effective cooperation, local/regional cultures, financial statuses and challenges, problem solving and public speaking.  

Task: Analyze an issue of global importance


  1. Outline
  2. Written report (3-4 pages)
  3. Supporting materials (PPT presentation, charts, graphs, video, etc.)
  4. Oral Presentation (10 minutes)
  5. Preparation for Q&A (5 minutes)

Task: Analyze an issue of global importance

  • – Describe in detail the global issue your team has chosen.
  • – Why is this global issue so important?
  • – Which countries or regions are most affected by this issue?
  • – What are the underlying economic factors involved?
  • – What additional factors contribute to this issue?
  • – Highlight a country that has made significant progress on this issue. How has this country been able to make progress? (Progress does not mean the problem is completely solved.)
  • – Highlight a country that faces significant obstacles to making progress on this issue. What factors are holding them back?
  • – Is there anything an international organization can do to help (e.g., Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, etc.)?
  • – Can you anticipate questions and/or objections that might come up in the Q&A?

The Results

Our students as a team make a written and oral presentation to a panel of judges from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds. This structure prepares them for the corporate and global world. Thank you for visiting our Global Economic Symposium program.