Elementary School Financial Literacy Program

Elementary School Financial Literacy Program

In our Elementary School Financial Literacy Program, we champion the idea of taking a proactive approach to financial literacy, and believe it is most effective to shape an individual’s habits, perceptions, and skills with finance at an early age. This is supported by studies and research which have found that our habits and outlook regarding financial literacy are largely set by age seven. It is our belief that reaching students early will not only yield more long-lasting effects, but will prove to be a more cost effective strategy for companies and foundations who support financial literacy programs.

Our Elementary School Financial Literacy Program is the first of its kind to deliver a comprehensive, 12 week, curriculum for children and young adults.

Formed in collaboration with Eastern Bank, Huntington Elementary School in Brockton, MA, and Sammy Rabbit, the initial program hosted a group of twenty-eight 3rd-grade students from the Huntington Elementary School in Brockton. It was led by students from our high school program who utilized the curriculum from Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Financial Education Reading and Activity Curriculum.

The goal of the program and collaboration continues to be promoting financial literacy education at an early age to develop informed, long-lasting, money habits—which can be the difference between reaching and losing opportunities. We achieve, and double-down, down on this mission by educating and providing resources for high school students to conceptualize and deliver lessons on financial and economic concepts through engaging activities such as games and puzzles.

One challenge many educators, school districts, and community organizations have to overcome in teaching financial literacy concepts to young students is finding a curriculum that is effective and easy to use that captures kids’ attention and imaginations.

Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Financial Education Curriculum solves this challenge. Stories like Sammy’s Big Dream and songs like Get in the Habit immediately connect students and teachers. And, they communicate clear messages on saving, smart spending, giving, goal setting, etc.

The curriculum’s printable activity templates come with the right to make copies and can be customized to include the contact information of schools and their partners. They are wonderful features to have. Our long-term goal is to bring the customizable curriculum and overall strategy to schools and communities across New England and eventually nationwide.

“Empower Yourself has been influential in educating Brockton students about financial literacy. I had the pleasure of visiting third graders from the Empower Yourself program at the Huntington School. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and understanding of financial literacy at such a young age. The fundamentals that students learn in the program will help them make financially responsible decisions in the future.” –MA State Rep. Claire Cronin


  • Early financial education will change a child’s outcomes so they do not make the same financial & economic mistakes as peers and sometime family.