Aviation Program Schedule Tuskegee Airman, and Bridgewater State’s School of Aviation and cadet program

Aviation Program

Aviation Program

We’re excited to showcase our Aviation Program Schedule. We are honored to be partnered with the historic Tuskegee Airman, and Bridgewater State’s School of Aviation and cadet program, to provide an opportunity for students from 6th to 12th to learn the engineering and operational elements of flight. Our students learn through both classroom training and flight simulators.

We are also excited to offer a program in partnership with Lincoln Labs for students to learn about the science and engineering of space and aeronautic travel. Students have an opportunity to learn from the top experts in the industry

Exposing students to 21st-century technology

In our Aviation program, our students learn all aspects of Aviation and Aeronautics. From learning how to fly and fix planes to building and coding Drones to understanding the science of building rockets and putting them in orbit and space. Our goal is to expose our students to 21st-century technology and the jobs and careers associated. As the jobs and careers of the past 50 years are becoming obsolete and a declining Birth rate it’s imperative, that we get our young people ready for the future.

Aviation Program Schedule

A program offered to our students by the Bridgewater St school of aviation & composite squadron and the Iconic Tuskegee Airman.

Our middle & high school students will meet every Saturday at the Bridgewater st Airfield and participate in their cadet program curriculum which is designed for classroom and in person Aerospace education which includes

Training on flight simulators


Character development


  • Our students will have the opportunity to go to Bridgewater State School of Aviation or the Tuskegee Airman Institute in upstate New York. In time, our students will be the next generation of pilots and engineers in Aviation & Aeronautics. Thank you for your interest and support of our Aviation Program Schedule.