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Welcome To Our Website

Empower Yourself is a year-long program who’s  goal is to educate underserved youth in urban areas in the fields of financial literacy, business and economics, so they can make informed financial and economic decisions. Our programs begins in middle school and continues through High School, where students will gain practical business experience through our Youth Division Enterprise (YDE)—which is an independent business venture operated by the students.



Economic Symposium

Global Economic Symposium is a trade simulation in which teams of 5-6 students are the economic advisors for a  specific country.....

Financial Literacy

Empower Yourself LTD has launched its next level of innovative middle school training called Financial Literacy: Economics.....

Student Program

The students of Empower Yourself have formed into an Entrepreneurship club with an organization chart. Their mission is to put in real practice....

ADULT Program

Empower Yourself LTD (EYL), offers this online Basic Financial Literacy information that will serve to start one off with exercises and a plan to begin....

About EY

The objective of our program is to change the attitude of our youth towards money and economics so they will not make the financial mistakes of those around them. We teach financial literacy as a language just like French or Spanish, they learn financial terms and economic language it’s something everyone must know and understand regardless of their job or career.  
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