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“Empowered” how economics affect our lives (Radio Program)

Brockton High School students from the Empower Yourself financial literacy club, led by Brockton teacher Cedric Turner, are excited to announce the launch of a bi-weekly radio broadcast on The Spark Radio Network.


Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, beginning May 24, the student hosts will broadcast a one-hour show, sharing their talents and financial knowledge of a different topic each episode. Topics will range from student loans, to local budgets, to unemployment, and long-term financial health, and will tie in current events and local businesses in each episode.

Listen to Radio Shows:

  September 20, 2016 - Interview with Jamie Bush (LISTEN)
August 25, 2016 - Prison Reform (LISTEN) August 18, 2016 - Payday Lending & Borrowing (LISTEN)
August 16, 2016 - Financial Literacy w. George Guild (LISTEN) August 11, 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership 2 (LISTEN)
August 9, 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership (LISTEN)

August 4, 2016 - North Korea (LISTEN)

July 21, 2016 - RNC talk with Thomas J. Minichiello (LISTEN) August 2, 2016 - with Mary Sanon (LISTEN)
July 14, 2016 -  Comparing Clinton and Trump (LISTEN) July 12, 2016 -  Explaining Hillary Clinton (LISTEN)
June 30, 2016 - Dr. Madhavi from BSU (LISTEN) June 23, 2016 - Sharon Guests (LISTEN)
June 14, 2016 - Ms. Claudette Blot (LISTEN) June 7, 2016 - Interview with Neil Swidey (LISTEN)
May 24, 2016 -  Rep Claire Cronin interview (LISTEN)  







Organizational Chart & Roles:





National Honors Society

AWARDS: Cedric Turner, Executive Director of Empower Yourself receives Inspirational Teacher award from the National Honor Society ! 6 Empower yourself students receive the National Honor Society awards this year ! 











National Association of Black Engineers (NSBE) (NSBE Jr Program)

Empower Yourself LTD, in collaboration with the National Association of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Tuskegee Airman Association, will be expanding its offerings of programs and opportunities in STEM related fields and interests. These programs and opportunities will supplement our primary financial and economic literacy programs during the summer with engineering and aviation provided through our summer STEM program within Brockton High School.

The second year of our summer program provides not only a foundation for new applicants, but continued and extensive growth for returning students. With online curriculum, access to and assistance with future STEM careers/scholarships/internships and opportunities through NSBE and an expanded aviation program which incorporates actual flight experience.
The summer program is available to students in grade 5 through 12, with the ultimate goal being an experience which provides students access to knowledge, experience, and individuals/organizations who can assist them in preparing for a career and education in STEM fields. Consequently, students who register for the program will be eligible to apply to the new youth chapter of NSBE operating within Brockton High School.




NSBE Jr Officers

Guidelson Celamy - President

Angela Girodier - Vice President

Jack Pires - Treasurer

Esther Adeqoke - Officer

Asad Aden - Officer






Empower Yourself Student Competition

Question from April 7th Empower Yourself /Boston Fed Challenge. Test your skill against our students


April 7th 2016:

Middle School - Round 1

Middle School - Round 3

High School - Round 1

High School - Round 3




About EY

The objective of our program is to change the attitude of our youth towards money and economics so they will not make the financial mistakes of those around them. We teach financial literacy as a language, just like French or Spanish, they learn financial terms and economic con-cepts which are invaluable regardless of future jobs or careers.
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