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The students of Empower Yourself have formed into an Entrepreneurship club with an organization chart. Their mission is to put in real practice what they learn in the classroom. The students run a real business out of the High school, they have a business plan and model and have several companies that invested seed capitol in their business in which the students gave them a certificate to pay them back principle plus interest. The high school students will train and incorporate our middle school students in the business to have a succession plan when the high school students graduate.

If you are interested in investing in our student’s entrepreneurship program or you would like to purchase one of their products please contact us.


Luncheon Blog Updates by Daniela Emilia Rodrigues

Last week we had a series of speakers come and give us advice on starting our own business and
just being overall successful.... see more




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About EY

The objective of our program is to change the attitude of our youth towards money and economics so they will not make the financial mistakes of those around them. We teach financial literacy as a language, just like French or Spanish, they learn financial terms and economic con-cepts which are invaluable regardless of future jobs or careers.
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