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Who We Are

Our Mission: is to provide year-round interactive and comprehensive educational programs for low and middle income students. Emphasizing the importance of financial literacy as a valuable life skill for all backgrounds and professions .

Though real life applications, observation and competitions, we build a solid foundation on which our students develop the skills and experiences necessary to become leaders in advance and complex Economic & STEM fields.


We offer two 16 week programs, which leads students through a progressive process of knowing and understanding their financial options and the implications associated with them. We teach financial literacy as a language which helps students incorporate the terms and concepts into their everyday lives. Our approach and outlook considers financial literacy as a requirement for planning a successful financial & economic future regardless of the field of study or profession.

“Your thoughts, beliefs and attitude determine your wealth potential”
Cedric Turner founder & executive director

What We Do

Empower Yourself LTD. delivers a unique, year-long, financial and economic educational program to low and moderate income communities and students. We focus primarily on students from 7th grade through high school, as they have been more receptive of the curriculum and adapting sound economic and financial behaviors and lessons. Our math-based financial literacy programs utilizes materials from the Department of the Treasury, Money Math Lessons for Life, FDIC Money Modules and curriculum from the Federal Reserve Bank to help our students learn the language of money, understand the rules and concepts of finance and investing, and provide them with a sense of opportunity.

Our Board

Brad Artery (Board Chair): Launch Trampoline

Nelia Arruda: Eastern Bank

Jennifer Rivers Bernasconi: Branch Manager Citizens Bank

Jennifer Dooling: Executive Vice President at Bank Five

Dr. Fred Mckinney: Economic Professor at Quinnipiac, University in Connecticut

Claudette Blot: Bentley University




Meet Our Team

Cedric Turner - BIO
Executive Director

Deb Bloomberg - BIO
Financial Literacy Program
Lead Instructor

Brianna Watts - BIO
STEM Curriculum Developer
STEM Director

Leon Rock - BIO
Grant Writer

About EY

The objective of our program is to change the attitude of our youth towards money and economics so they will not make the financial mistakes of those around them. We teach financial literacy as a language, just like French or Spanish, they learn financial terms and economic con-cepts which are invaluable regardless of future jobs or careers.
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